How to Save Money on Home Repair Jobs


Hiring a professional contractor is expensive. But people rely on them even for the smallest problem as they are afraid to do it themselves and cause more damage. However, some knowledge and little training on some basic home repairs will save you a lot of money. Here are some of the basic home repairs that you can do yourself.


If water is leaking from your toilet, then it will cost you great deal of money and increased water bill as well. It can damage your floor and other parts of the toilet. When you find your toilet tank leaking, put some red coloring on the tank water.

After an hour, if the water in the bowl turns pink, then you know for sure that you have a leak. If your toilet is leaking from tank to bowl, then you need to change the flapper. Changing the flapper is very easy; all you need to do is flush the water off the tank, take out the flush chain from the lever and place the flapper. Make sure before you put on the flapper, the tank is empty.


Worn out washers, which are of rubber, is the major cause of leaky faucets. In order to replace them first you need to turn off the main water supply. Then unscrew the leaky handle, take out the old faucet and put on the new one.

Washing machine

If the water supply hoses of your washing machine is leaking, then claim damage from your washing machine manufacturer. You need to replace the water supply lines of the washing machine.

Water Heater

Water heater needs regular maintenance in order to keep it in good condition. Sediments often settle at the bottom of the tank, damaging the floor of your water heater. This is one of the reasons why your water heater stops working. So, you need to clean the surface floor of the water heater regularly.


Fats accumulating on the pipes mainly cause them to clog. So, avoid pouring oils or fats down the drain. Even if you do so, run hot water along with some detergent immediately. The soap helps to emulsify the fat so that it doesn’t stick to the pipe and instead gets drained away.

5 Tips to Avoid Home Improvement Mistakes


Commercials that you watch on TV of home improvement stores make it seem so easy to do home improvements by yourself. Some things, like painting the house, you can do them yourself. But for other more complex works, you need to think of hiring professionals instead and save on your future cost. Here is a list of the mistakes you should avoid during home improvement.

  • You should know when to call in a professional. Tasks like structural changes, electrical work, plumbing, improving roofs, or replacing windows must be left to the professionals. Because if you do it yourself, the tasks might not be perfect and you will have to spend more money to redo it.
  • Addition extensions to your house requires permit. For example, you want to build a new deck in front of your house or build a new room in your garden, check with the home authority in your city to know whether you can legally do so. Else, you may end up wasting your money on court.
  • Know the real cost of home improvement. Compare the cost of hiring a professional to doing it yourself. If the price difference is low then it is better to hire a professional. There are many websites which have home improvement cost calculating tool, like Houzz.
  • Plan well before you start the DIY project. Without proper planning your cost of house improvement might just accelerate. Take the necessary measurements and visit shops to know the actual price of products. Don’t estimate prices; you won’t be able to stay on budget.
  • Be focused on safety issues. Accidents may happen, so keep your phone handy in case of emergency calling. Keep a first aid kit always. Read the instructions of using tools carefully. Read the home insurance clauses carefully so that you know which mistakes you make would be irreparable.

5 Best Modern Home Remodeling Ideas

post1For generations home designers have been thinking of ways to improve house, both in terms of design and functionality. Today, because of increased population, houses are getting smaller and so you need to plan well in order to accommodate everything in your small house.

Designers have come up with many innovative designs to make full use of the available space in the house. These are some smart ways you can utilize your house space and give a unique look to your house.

#1 Lower your living room

Add a few stairs and lower your living room. This will give a unique look to your house. It is a great way to highlight the living space and its surroundings. It looks less clumsy and more comfortable to have an area just to sit.

#2 Make a library under your staircase

This is an innovative way of displaying your books and also a space saving approach. You can use this space to keep important books that you read most often, for example, recipe books!

#3 Use the space underneath your stairs as storage

You can keep children’s toys, books or different handy tool in them. You can even use it for keeping your shoes. It can also be a great hide out place for children.

#4 Make your untidy garden into a beautiful place

Put large windows, great lighting and beautiful artifacts. You can build a small room and add a coffee table to spend a nice afternoon or evening. You can add a swing to your garden space where children can play. Plant flowers and you will love the place.

#5 Add a mini fridge under your kitchen island

You can keep drinks and food to avoid overcrowding your main refrigerator. You can just grab some food to eat from the refrigerator while cooking or cleaning the kitchen.

All of these remodeling ideas come with an associated cost, so we recommend you take a look at this infographic showing you how to save money on your renovations!